Vendor + Project Tender Management & Appraisal System


A large corporation found that their

  • Staff in various branch offices throughout the country, needed to request approved vendors from HQ
  • The vendor management dept would find that vendor details and documents are outdated
  • Vendors who wished to submit their bid for tenders would find out that they needed to urgently send updated company profiles & certifications to participate
  • The vendor management dept were overburdened by manual processes - vendor sheets were kept in various Excel files
Based on the identified pain points, I planned and oversaw the delivery of an SaaS platform that:
  • Empowered vendors to create their own profiles, submit paperwork and be notified of approvals
  • The tender process was streamlined and invitations would be auto-emailed to vendors
  • Vendors were notified when approvals had expired and they needed to submit their latest documentation
  • Staff from throughout the country could access the cloud-based system and look up approved vendors
  • Business units could submit complex vendor appraisals (including weightages etc)


I worked with our multidisciplinary team to take the system from conception to launch.

I conducted research, user interviews, drafted technical workflows & documentation, oversaw project execution, and worked closely with senior management, data entry clerks, the vendor management dept and end users. I also conducted training for both sales staff and managers.


The company's IT dept introduced a new Single Sign On requirement at the point when the system was about to be launched. We had to quickly review the technical specs, and I personally helped with the technical integration so that the project could proceed


By shifting the responsibility of maintaining updated profiles to the vendors themselves, this eliminated the burden of reviewing/following up/updating the records maintained by the company's staff.

Staff could be assured that the profiles available in the system were up-to-date, and that vendors who fall below performance requirements would be blacklisted