B2B Substation Monitoring & Issues Alert System

"Transmission substations contain transformers, which receive and convert very high power loads into less than 10,000 volts.
With so much power flowing into a substation & beyond, electricity providers need to make sure substations are safe and operationally efficient."


The cloud-based app helps substation inspectors compile their findings from infrared / ultrasound / TEV readings, prepare reports and warns them of potential issues or dangers that may be brewing.

  • Early warning of potential failure
  • Allows better planning and scheduling of maintenance
  • Allows prediction of life span of electrical equipment


I conducted research, user interviews, drafted technical workflows & documentation, oversaw project execution, and worked closely with senior management, substation engineers, developers, QA testers and data entry clerks.

We adopted an iterative approach to ensure that a fully functional prototype was delivered in record time. All with the view of enabling the company to gain buy in from key stakeholders and industry players.

This was a highly technical project that required immersing myself in the world of substation monitoring. I took time to learn both the professional & colloquial terms used by engineers and inspectors, and the rationale behind the processes they used.


I've validated that I can work with technologies new to me, and adapt quickly to the technical jargon used by experts in this field.

How important it is to "get out of the office" and interact with all possible user types regularly. This included have lunch meetings with substation inspectors and working alongside the data entry clerks. Unfortunately due to safety requirements, I could not visit a substation - but I would've loved to!


As this was a project that needed buy in from regulated organisations prior to launch, there were no traditional metrics that could be set. Instead the project's purpose was to assist in negotiations.